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La paz, baja california sur, mexico

City Tour of La Paz

Tour Itineray

Tour of La Paz, a magic town located in Mexico: 12-hour excursion


Journey in the plush comfort of a private van, tailored for your utmost convenience, ensuring a seamless exploration of the region's most captivating sights and cultural landmarks.

Your adventure begins with an idyllic visit to two of La Paz's most stunning beaches—Playa Balandra and Playa El Tecolote. Renowned for their powdery white sand and the vibrant hues of turquoise waters, these coastal paradises invite you to immerse yourself in leisurely swimming, sunbathing, or simply reveling in the panoramic beauty.

As the day unfolds, meander along the Malecón—a picturesque boardwalk that pulses with the lifeblood of La Paz. Lined with an eclectic mix of artistic sculptures, buzzing eateries, quaint shops, and cozy cafés, the Malecón is the perfect backdrop for an immersive stroll that captures the essence of the city’s dynamic spirit.

With every step, your expert guide will regale you with captivating stories and lesser-known facts about the region, weaving a rich tapestry of history, culture, and traditions that bring La Paz’s vibrant heritage to life.

Our private van excursion promises not just a journey through La Paz's scenic marvels but an intimate glimpse into the heart and soul of this magical town. It's more than a tour; it's a curated experience designed to forge unforgettable memories and a profound connection with the wonders of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. Join us for a day where every moment is meticulously crafted for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

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Why La Paz?

Natural Aquarium of the World

Serene Beaches

Playa Balandra, often voted as one of Mexico's most beautiful beaches, is a must-see with its shallow, clear waters and unique mushroom-shaped rock formation known as El Hongo. Playa Balandra is a soft white sand, with shallow water to walk or swim through the entire Bay; rent a kayak, lay on the beach, snorkel, and explore this top destination. 

Unparalleled Shopping

La Paz's waterfront promenade, the Malecón, stretches for miles along the seafront, providing a scenic pathway lined with art installations, local crafts, and some of the best sunsets in Mexico. Bike, roller skate, or walk the beautiful Malecón; complete with magnificent statues throughout, concerts, street vendors, and beautiful sandy beaches. 

Sustainability Efforts

La Paz is at the forefront of environmental conservation in Mexico, with many initiatives to protect its marine life and promote eco-tourism.

La Paz, the tranquil capital of Baja California Sur, Mexico, harbors a treasure trove of experiences that entice visitors with its unique blend of natural beauty, serene beaches, and rich history.

Jacques Cousteau famously referred to the waters around La Paz as the "aquarium of the world." The Sea of Cortez is one of the most biologically diverse bodies of water on earth, with over 900 species of fish and a large number of whale species, making it a fantastic spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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