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Charity in cabo san lucas

Papillon: Luxury Yacht Experience with a Social Heart

In the pristine coastal beauty of Los Cabos, Mexico, where turquoise waters meet the rugged desert landscape, Papillon Yachts Rental offers an unparalleled luxury experience. As you embark on a journey with us, you not only indulge in the opulence of our yachts but also become part of a heartwarming story of social responsibility that is central to our mission.

Sailing with Purpose

At Papillon Yachts Rental, we go beyond the horizon to create unforgettable memories for our clients. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the waters, reaching into the heart of the local community. We are proud to be part of "Caritas Felices Los Cabos," a charitable foundation dedicated to supporting low-income families in Cabo who reside in high-risk areas with limited access to basic necessities such as clean water, electricity, waste disposal, and sewage systems.

A Desert Oasis of Hope

In the scorching desert where temperatures soar above 40 degrees Celsius, these families make their homes from pieces of scrap metal, wood, and tarps. Over the years, as the economy of Los Cabos has grown, so too has the population, resulting in more families settling in these remote desert areas. Witnessing this pressing need, we've taken action to make a difference.

For over two years, every Saturday at 8:30 AM, we gather with the dedicated team of Caritas Felices at a local gas station. From there, we embark on a journey to these communities, bringing essential supplies, including chicken, spaghetti, bread, fruits, rice, beans, lentils, cooking oil, eggs, and clothing generously donated by our supporters. Our friend Fiona helped us to get a play structure for the children of the community to enjoy moments of joy.

Nurturing Bright Minds

During our charitable endeavors, we crossed paths with Maestra Celia, a passionate educator. Together, we've collaborated to sustain a school that also serves as a community dining facility for children and mothers in need. At the school, they receive not only nourishment but also educational support, including regular classes and workshops.

Join Our Journey

We invite all our Papillon clients to become part of this heartwarming journey. You can join us as volunteers on the designated days when we personally deliver aid to these communities. Your contributions, whether in the form of basic necessities, clothing, appliances, or monetary donations, can make a significant impact.

Donate and Make a Difference

For those unable to join us in person, you can still be part of this meaningful cause by making a monetary donation through the Caritas Felices website. Your support will directly benefit the families living in challenging conditions and provide hope for a brighter future.

At Papillon Yachts Rental Los Cabos, we believe that luxury should not only be about opulence but also about sharing our blessings with those less fortunate. As we sail the azure waters of Los Cabos, we carry the spirit of giving, making each journey with us a voyage of purpose and compassion. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Join us in our mission to create waves of positive change, and experience the true meaning of luxury with a social heart.

Help fundation in los cabos

Our Mission

Nourishing Young Lives - We believe that every child deserves access to nutritious meals. Our dedicated team provides fresh, wholesome meals to hungry kids, ensuring they have the energy and nutrients they need to thrive.

Help program in cabo san lucas

Water and basic needs

Quenching Thirst, Sparking Smiles - Water is a basic necessity, yet many children around the world lack access to clean drinking water. Our passionate volunteers work tirelessly to supply clean water to children in need, bringing relief and joy to their lives.

clothes donation in cabo

Clothing and other

Clothing with Compassion - Clothes can provide comfort, warmth, and a sense of dignity. Our foundation collects and distributes donated clothes to children who lack proper clothing, helping them stay protected and boosting their self-esteem. Together, we make a difference, one garment at a time.

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