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Experiencing Paradise on the Water: Glowing Reviews for Papillon Yachts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When it comes to exploring the stunning waters of Cabo San Lucas, Papillon Yachts has set the bar high as a premier boat rental company. Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Mexico, this gem of a company has been capturing the hearts of adventurers and relaxation-seekers alike. Boasting an array of luxurious yachts and a commitment to impeccable service, Papillon Yachts has garnered a flurry of positive reviews that attest to its excellence.

Exceptional Crew and Service

"EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING! Dulce is a great Hostess, always in touch to solve any questions, the captain and crew made everything they could to make us feel welcome and have a great experience, great music, great staff, drinks, snacks. We'll definitely book with them again. BEST EXPERIENCE IN CABO!!"

- Jonathan L

A Seafarer's Dream Come True

"Speechless… what a great experience. The crew was awesome; they were very experienced, attentive, and catered to our every need. The views were spectacular and overwhelming. Bring towels and plenty of sunscreen, you will need it! Great for families and couples…"

- Allen C

Breathtaking Cabo Views

As the waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the rugged charm of the Baja California peninsula, Papillon Yachts offers a front-row seat to Mother Nature's grandeur. Reviews consistently marvel at the breathtaking vistas and stunning sunsets witnessed from the decks of these elegant yachts, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

"We had several first-time in Cabo people with us. We wanted to show them the arch and spend some time on and in the water. This catamaran was so comfortable, plenty of room for our group of 14. The staff went above and beyond our expectations. Bottomless drinks, and a professional photographer on board so we weren't risking our phones. Great snorkel gear, a floating mat, paddle boards and easy-to-climb stairs to get back on board. Many thanks to Paula and the rest of the crew for pampering us."

- Kate F

Unforgettable Celebrations

Whether it's a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or a milestone celebration, Papillon Yachts has become synonymous with unforgettable moments. Positive reviews often share stories of surprise engagements, birthday bashes, and intimate gatherings made even more special by the company's attention to detail and dedication to ensuring every moment is perfect.

"Fantastic trip! The staff went above and beyond to make our trip so special! 10/10 would recommend to any large party! Excellent way to kick off our wedding week! Thank you soooo much. We will be back soon!"

- Brent L

Ease and Convenience

"Oh my gosh, such an amazing experience!!! We had never sailed before and it was absolutely one of the best experiences. They catered the trip to our wants and made this luxurious private trip well worth the money. By the way some of the other cruises that were not private came out to be more money per person than this trip cost us. Sedrick was an amazing host, Sergio’s food was yummy, and we had to buy Rudy’s pictures because they were works of art. Would recommend this to anyone looking to feel all the luxury Cabo has to offer!"

-Kate R

Underwater adventure

"We felt like royalty with 5 crew members waiting hand and foot on the 10 of us with fresh drinks, amazing lunch, and helping us to feel comfortable on the beautiful, luxurious, private catamaran. The snorkeling, stand up paddle boards, and floating mat were a great way to enjoy the Sea of Cortez. When we are in back in Cabo, we will be back on a boat with Papillon!"

- Jessica A

Family Fun

"Everything about our time before, after and during our boat trip was amazing! From Julio pickup at our resort through arriving at marina to Captain Miguel and Alex and Alexander taking care of us on the boat, I can’t thank them enough. We had no idea how amazing it would be. We had our two families and our kids and everyone had fun. Kids loved snorkeling and watching sunset! Thank you to entire company for an amazing afternoon in Cabo! I’d recommend you to anyone that asks me what they should do while in Cabo!"

-Anne A

In the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Papillon Yachts has emerged not only as a boat rental company but as a gateway to unparalleled aquatic adventures. With a fleet that's as impressive as the waves they sail upon, and a commitment to service that goes beyond the ordinary, it's no wonder the company has amassed a trove of positive reviews. If you're seeking a marine escape that blends luxury, natural beauty, and genuine hospitality, Papillon Yachts is the name to remember. Embark on a journey of a lifetime, and let the glowing reviews guide you to an oceanic paradise like no other.

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