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Choose your Boat Tour in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, is a popular destination for boat enthusiasts. There are many activities and experiences to enjoy on the water in Cabo. Here are a few ideas:

1 Luxury yacht rentals: For a more upscale experience, you can rent a luxury yacht and enjoy a day or evening on the water. Many companies offer fully-equipped yachts with crew, catering, and other amenities.

2 Whale watching: Cabo is a great place to see whales, with several species commonly sighted in the waters off the coast. There are several companies that offer whale watching tours, often with the opportunity to see other marine life such as dolphins and sea turtles as well.

3 Sunset cruises: Many companies offer sunset cruises, which typically include a tour of the Cabo San Lucas Bay and the famous Land's End rock formations, followed by a sunset cocktail hour on the water.

4 Beach hopper tours: These tours typically include a visit to several different beaches in the Cabo area, often with the opportunity to swim, snorkel, or participate in other water activities.

5 Sport fishing: Cabo is known for its excellent sport fishing opportunities, with a variety of fish species found in the waters off the coast. Many companies offer half-day or full-day fishing trips, with all necessary equipment and experienced crew provided.

Check out these top-rated boat & Yacht tours in Cabo San Lucas:

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